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Trade, craft and industrial applications.

At Barbaric, our goal is to provide optimal solutions for every handling application - not only in the field of manual vacuum lifting technology. In addition to our vacuum lifters, we also develop automatic systems in the field of panel and part handling for commercial or industrial production plants.

Manual vacuum lifters from Barbaric enable efficient handling of heavy panels and save valuable time in production. While conventional manual manipulation requires 2-3 employees, a vacuum lifting systems allows a single employee to move oversized panels with maximum ergonomics and without physical exertion.

Our automatic handling solutions take over fully automated process steps in plate and part production. Panel storage, feeding systems, buffer storage and return systems are just a few examples of modern systems in the field of material handling. Each plant in this area is built individually according to the requirements of our customers, while existing components and proven concepts are used.

CSF Panel Storage Systems

Barbaric's storage systems enable automatic storage of panel material with maximum efficiency and also allow fully automatic loading of various production lines such as saws or CNCs. From low-cost, compact solutions for production to high-performance industrial solutions as well as multi-level configurations - we offer a solution for every handling task.

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NST Nesting Picker

The intelligent de-stacking after nesting machining. Nesting machines have become of central importance in furniture production. The Nesting Picker NST enables fully automatic de-stacking and clearing of the finished nested parts. This machine saves valuable working time and increases the productivity of the nesting machine.

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LCV Feeding system

A Barbaric LCV feeding system allows for easy and fast feeding of your manufacturing machine. In this area we can offer custom-made systems built with simple yet high-quality components. Benefits are low space requirement and the elimination of physically challenging work for production workers.
It‘s an investment with tremendous value for craft and industry production.

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Labeling printer LPS

The Labeling Printer LPS perfectly completes Barbaric's range of products in the field of panel handling and offers an optimal extension of our storage or feeding systems for part cutting. With this unit, boards can be labelled even before they are cut to size. Manual labelling after cutting and problems with part identification are now a thing of the past

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RTS Return Systems

Our goal is to optimize workflow in the area of edgebanding machines. Our „Return series“ products convince customers with an intelligent design and an excellent price-to-performance ratio. The in-house development of many components allows us to create ergonomic systems with high profitability and short payback times. Through years of expierience and a special know-how in handling technology we create systems with a special attention to speed, design and durability.

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PBX Buffer Storage

One of the latest advancements by Barbaric for the buffering of parts in furniture manufacturing. The buffer storage PBX guarantees a constant flow of parts in the production. In order to cushion different processing times of individual machines, the interim storage of parts is indispensable for a modern production line.

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TMP Door Manipulator

Optimized production processes, increased productivity and relief of employees. Fast and compact systems in an appealing design for feeding a CNC with subsequent stacking of machined doors.

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SWS Solid Wood Storage

The Solid Wood Storage SWS combines many years of experience in the field of wood panel handling with innovation in design and software. Our traverse is specially designed for the handling of solid wood and integrates a laser scanner as well as a stripping mechanism.

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