Automatic Solid Wood Storage System

Until now, most of the solid structural timber and glued-laminated timber (glulam) storage takes place in cantilever racks, which are usually loaded with the help of a forklift and unloaded by hand. Today, however, more and more of our customers in the timber trade are turning to intelligent, automated storage solutions to make their internal operating logistics leaner and more efficient.

With our Solid Wood Storage System SWS, we can not only fully automate the storage and retrieval of those materials up to 13m, but also pre-commission stacks of different materials for customers at the push of a button. You can see one of our recent reference installations realizing exactly this at our German customer Behrens group. The solid wood warehouse has 3 manipulators on two levels, each of which can move independently and be used for different purposes. Due to the special suction cup design, it is also possible to transport several logs at the same time. In addition to making the physical work easier and saving labor time for the tedious storage and retrieval of wooden goods, this also digitizes the warehouse, enabling it to be connected to customer-side procurement and ERP systems.

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