Door manipulator TMP

Optimized production processes, increased productivity and relief of employees. Fast and compact systems in an appealing design for loading a CNC with subsequent stacking of doors.

Optimized production processes in the door manufacturing

With the door manipulator TMP company Barbaric sets new standards in terms of optimized production processes in the door manufacturing. The system has a very slim and compact design that allows for a very quick manipulation of boards and extremely low cycle times. Also, roller conveyors or barcode scanning stations can be integrated into the automatic system.


All advantages at a glance

The application area is for example the automatic feeding of a CNC, subsequent stacking of machined doors or other stacking processes.


Technical data

  • up to 6 cycles per minute
  • use of grippers structured door surfaces
  • vacuum generation by ejectors
  • up to 80 kg load capacity
  • stack height up to 1800 mm
  • low constructional height

Technical changes and errors excepted.

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Manual vacuum lifters from Barbaric enable efficient handling of heavy wood and glass panels and save valuable time in production. While conventional manipulation by hand requires 2-3 employees, a vacuum lifting systems allows a single employee to move oversized panels with maximum ergonomics and without physical exertion.

Our automatic handling solutions take over fully automated process steps in wood panel and part production. Panel storage and retrieval systems, feeding systems, buffer storage and return systems are just a few examples of modern systems in the field of material handling. All of our machines are built individually according to the requirements of our customers, while proven handling concepts and trusted components are used.

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