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    The system

    The SWS solid wood storage system is the optimal system for the storage of glulam and solid construction wood poles.
    Solid wood logs are stored in stanchion compartments and can then be fed to cross-cut saws or joinery lines. Furthermore, there is the possibility of simple commissioning of customer packages or complex package formation after joinery.  
    These systems impress with their high flexibility. The stanchion compartments can easily be adapted to the desired log widths. Several logs can be stored in one layer per stanchion compartment. This significantly increases the performance of the system compared to conventional one-dimensional storage. 
    The integration of heavy conveyor technology is essential for this type of plant. Chain conveyors or roller conveyors can be easily integrated into the system.

    The suction beam

    The suction traverse has been designed in such a way that several bars can be picked up at the same time. Depending on the dimensions of the individual bars, one bar or up to 5 bars can be suctioned at the same time.
    The individual suction circuits are automatically controlled according to the requirements or the dimensions and number of bars. With only one stroke several bars can be transported and thus also a lot of energy is saved.
    With this solution, the system achieves a significant increase in performance. Cracked bars can also be picked up and transported with the specially developed suction cups.

    Technical details

    Load capacity:500 kg (optional 700 kg & 1000 kg)
    Length min:1500 mm
    Length max:16 m
    Width min:80 mm
    Width max:400 mm
    Height min:40 mm
    Height max.260 mm
    Stacking height:1800 mm / 2500 mm or more
    Multidimensional stacking 

    Other dimensions possible after consultation and technical inspection.

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    Simple or multi-level solutions

    The solid wood storage system SWS can be realized as a floor storage system but also as a two-storey version. The standard solution is a warehouse on one level. Depending on the required performance of the system, one or two manipulators can be used.
    The next step is a two-level facility. High hall heights are optimally used by adding an intermediate floor to the system and the resulting upper area can also be used for storage.
    This area can be used mainly for B&C goods or also for residual bars. The lower stacking heights even allow storage without stanchions.

    Interlinking with machines & ERP system

    Depending on the desired application, a wide variety of machines can be linked. Whether simple cross-cut saws or complex joinery centers - everything is possible. Not only the feeding of the system, but also the further handling with finished individual parts is possible. Depending on the set-up, residual parts can also be stored again. The connection of the machines is realized via modern interfaces.  The open interfaces can also be used by ERP systems. All storage and material data are available to other systems.

    The green idea

    This machine is not only a warehouse but also helps the environment with the chosen technology. The drive and vacuum technology was chosen so intelligently that the required electricity was reduced to a minimum. The vacuum is generated directly where it is needed. Any losses are avoided. The compact yet stable design allows the use of comparatively low drive power. By accommodating several bars, the number of travel movements is drastically reduced.

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    Press article about the SWS Solid Wood Storage

    "Einlagerung und Selektion massiv beschleunigen" // Holz + Möbel 2020 - German only

    An editorial article in the trade magazine Holz & Möbel 2020 about the realization of a solid wood warehouse at our customer Feil GmbH in Siegsdorf near Traunstein/Germany informs about the advantages of the solid wood warehouse and the facilitation of the pre-selection of workpieces for production.

    ARTICLE DOWNLOAD - German only

    Your benefits at a glance

    The special lifting device for moving whole posts, solid construction wood, sections such as squadrons or rough sawn boards by a server. Delivery incl. chain hoist or for hooking into an on-site hall crane. Power supply by supply to the customer‘s indoor crane (400 V, 3 phases) due to the built-in transformer possible. Thus, no additional cable is necessary. The control can be carried out via a control handle, wired or by radio.

    Technical data

    • Load capacity: up to 1500 kg
    • Operating voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz or (400 V / 50 Hz via transformer)
    • Functions are displayed by means of lamps and pressure gauges

    Special solutions, for example: Control via customer crane operation and higher working loads on request.

    Technical changes and errors excepted.

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    Our Austrian sales representative for vacuum lifters Markus Gruszka presents our SWL PlankLifter at Ligna 2023 in Hannover.

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    At this year’s Ligna in Hanover, our sales representative for manual handling systems Markus Gruszka, presents our wood lifter UWL 1.

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    Manual vacuum lifters from Barbaric enable efficient handling of heavy wood and glass panels and save valuable time in production. While conventional manipulation by hand requires 2-3 employees, a vacuum lifting systems allows a single employee to move oversized panels with maximum ergonomics and without physical exertion.

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    Our automatic handling solutions take over fully automated process steps in wood panel and part production. Panel storage and retrieval systems, feeding systems, buffer storage and return systems are just a few examples of modern systems in the field of material handling. All of our machines are built individually according to the requirements of our customers, while proven handling concepts and trusted components are used.

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