Solid Wood Storage SWS

The innovation for solid wood.

The Barbaric Solid Wood Storage SWS combines many years of experience in the field of wood panel handling with innovation in design and software. Our traverse is specially designed for the handling of solid wood and integrates a laser scanner as well as a stripping mechanism.

    Fully automatic loading and unloading

    with integrated laser scan and contour detection

    In the store-in area, a laser scanner automatically detects the edges of the wooden planks and also saves an image of the wood grain. The storage software not only keeps track of the planks regarding formats and quantities, but also offers an overview of the workpiece surface before ordering planks for store-out or feeding into a machining centre.

    With this solution we can offer a fully automated store-in of delivered wooden planks on a pallet. First a layer with multiple planks is scanned and then stored individually after measuring and edge detection. Before the step for the next layer can be repeated, intermediate timbers are stripped with our special traverse.

      Your benefits at a glance

      • Fully automatic storage of wooden planks on pallets
      • Laser scan and photo of the workpieces during store-in
      • Automatic wipe-off function for packaging wood
      • Edge detection and width measurement during store-in
      • Sorting and storage of wooden planks according to their maximum width
      • Special suction traverse - ideally suited for solid wood
      • Surface preview of the workpiece before store-out or feeding
      • Fully automatic store-out and loading of external machines
      • Flexible store-in and store-out configurations - also available with roller conveyors

      Fully Automatic Store-in

      of delivered planks with wipe-off function for packaging wood

      Our Solid Wood Storage SWS enables the fully automatic store-in of wooden planks that arrive stacked on a pallet with packaging wood inbeetween layers. Once the store-in is started, no operator is necessary for until the storage system is ready for the next pallet to load. During the storage process one workpiece after the other is stored and packaging woods are automatically pushed off before manipulation.


      Automatic Laser Scan

      of surface and edge contour

      A laser scan of the surface not only allows the edge contour to be recognized, but also gives the operator a very good image of the wood grain and surface for the retrieval and feeding process. This makes it possible to determine whether the wood pattern is suitable for further processing or if it is necessary to select a different workpiece to be retrieved.

      Press article about the SWS Solid Wood Storage

      "Einlagerung und Selektion massiv beschleunigen" // Holz + Möbel 2020 - German only

      An editorial article in the trade magazine Holz & Möbel 2020 about the realization of a solid wood warehouse at our customer Feil GmbH in Siegsdorf near Traunstein/Germany informs about the advantages of the solid wood warehouse and the facilitation of the pre-selection of workpieces for production.


      ARTICLE DOWNLOAD - German only

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