SWL | Special lifter for caravan floor panels

We at Barbaric strive to offer an optimal handling solution for every application. That is why we built this custom lifter specifically for the task of installing caravan flooring in a production environment. The lifter can not only lift the heavy caravan floor panels (up to 250 kg), but also flip them over 180° if needed. The suction traverse is also purpose-built and can be adjusted optimally for the handling task as each suction cup can be repositioned in height as well as length or crosswise. In addition to the lifting function, the device also has a stepless 180° tilting function, which is required for the pre-assembly of the floors as well as for the assembly on the chassis. Furthermore, the lifter has an inclination adjustment that can control the inclination of the lifter. For maximum efficiency and ergonomics when lifting larger formats, we have designed the operating handle to be height adjustable.

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