Our manufacturer's warranty

We are here for our customers - even years after the sale.

Quality, efficiency and innovation - three keywords that apply specifically to Barbaric's service competence. In order to be able to ensure optimal functioning of our automatic systems, we rely on good cooperation with our customers and on particularly customer-oriented support by our service team. Our maintenance technicians and service hotline staff have been with us for many years and can convince you with their excellent know-how about our products.


Our warranty terms

Barbaric offers a manufacturer's warranty of 12 months from commissioning with all products. The basis for the 12-month duration is the use of the handling system in single-shift operation with max. 2500 operating hours in automatic mode per year. If the system is used in two or more shifts or the number of operating hours is exceeded, the duration of the manufacturer's warranty is reduced to 6 months in two-shift operation or 4 months in multiple-shift operation.

Barbaric offers within this standard warranty the repair of defects or deficiencies, which are due to material or production errors either by repair by one of our service technicians or by providing free spare parts and exchange by either our service technician or a maintenance technician of the customer. In the case of a defect within the warranty, support for rectification by our service team via our service hotline is also free of charge.

If a defect or damage has been caused by the customer, free rectification within the manufacturer's warranty is excluded. In this case, both spare parts and services will be charged without exception.

Warranty Extension

Durability, optimal performance and the highest quality.

Our warranty extension is the optimal protection against unexpected repair costs. With this package, we are happy to extend our manufacturer's warranty for your system by a further 12 months from commissioning (for single-shift operation) in addition to the standard warranty.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Extension of the warranty by 12 months

(for single-shift operation or maximum 2500 operating hours)

  • Minimal risk and optimum protection against repair costs
  • Long service life and reliability of your system - even years after commissioning

Generally, consumables and wear parts are excluded from the warranty.

In the course of a warranty extension, the duration of the manufacturer's warranty is extended by one warranty period. In the standard case (single-shift operation, maximum 2500 operating hours per year), this means an extension of 12 months to a total duration of the manufacturer's warranty of 24 months. If the standard warranty period is shortened (two or multiple shift operation or more than 2500 operating hours / year), the shortening also refers to the warranty extension period.


One-shift operation:
Standard warranty: 12 months, extension by 12 months to a total of 24 months.

Two-shift operation:
Standard warranty: 6 months, extended by 6 months to a total of 12 months.

Three/multi-shift operation:
Standard warranty: 4 months, extended by 4 months for a total of 8 or max. 12 months.

General Service Conditions

The prices stated are exclusive of the applicable taxes and duties and apply from the conclusion of the agreement for the first agreement year. Thereafter, the prices will be reviewed annually or adjusted to the wage development in the industry.

For all points of agreement mentioned in this document, the term begins from the conclusion of the agreement until revoked in writing. If individual terms of the agreement are legally invalid, the remaining terms shall remain unaffected. Any changes to this agreement must be made in writing.

If you have any questions regarding our service offer, as well as warranty and spare parts, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +43 732 779800 - 500 or by e-mail at aftersales@barbaric.at.

Our terms and conditions apply (see www.barbaric.at/agb).


Terms of payment for warranty extension

Payment shall be made within 14 days net after receipt of the invoice directly after conclusion of the maintenance agreement.
If payment is not made on time, agreed maintenance dates cannot be kept free or reserved.


  • For questions regarding warranty extension, maintenance and our service offer:

Via telephone at +43 732 779800 - 500 or by e-mail to aftersales@barbaric.at.

  • For spare parts orders:

Via telephone at +43 732 779800 - 400 or by e-mail to spareparts@barbaric.at.

  • For direct fault assistance in the event of defects, damage or downtime:

Via telephone at +43 732 779800 - 300 or by e-mail service@barbaric.at