The innovation for solid wood handling

We are proud to present our brand new development - the Barbaric Solid Wood Storage SWS. With this innovative handling system, we offer an optimal solution for the storage and feeding of cutting lines in the solid wood sector.

The Barbaric SWS combines our many years of experience in the field of wood panel handling with innovation in design and software. Our special traverse is specially designed for the handling of solid wood and integrates a laser scanner as well as a stripping mechanism.

In the store-in area, a laser scanner automatically detects the edges of the wooden planks and also saves an image of the wood grain. The storage software not only keeps track of the planks regarding formats and quantities, but also offers an overview of the workpiece surface before ordering planks for store-out or feeding into a machining centre.

With this solution we can offer a fully automated store-in of delivered wooden planks on a pallet. First a layer with multiple planks is scanned and then stored individually after measuring and edge detection. Before the step for the next layer can be repeated, intermediate timbers are stripped with our special traverse.

  • Fully automatic storage of wooden planks on pallets
  • Laser scan and photo of the workpieces during store-in
  • Automatic stripping of intermediate timbers
  • Edge detection and width measurement during store-in
  • Sorting and storage of wooden planks according to their maximum width
  • Special suction traverse - ideally suited for solid wood
  • Surface overview before the workpiece before store-out or feeding
  • Fully automatic store-out and loading of external machines
  • Flexible store-in and store-out configurations - also available with roller conveyors

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